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Sea urchin vase II

H300×W180×D180 mm Britannia silver

Mountain stream jug

H245×W120×D100 mm, Britannia silver,

Dry Earth Beaker

H100×Φ70 mm Britannia Silver. Commissioned by GoldsmithsCenter Image by Simon B Armitt

Sand layer beakers

H90×φ80 mm Britannia

Moss Bowl

H50×260 mm Britannia

Sea urchin vase

H190×W160×D160 mm Fine silver

Soil II

H80×W65×D65 mm Fine silver


H110×W110×D130 mm Fine silver,Copper

Overhang of bacteria

W150×H275 mm Copper, Stainless steel

Formation of bacteria

W170×H380 mm Copper, Iron

Volvox Ⅱ

W170×H220 mm Copper

Memory from the past

H235×W140×D140 mm Copper

Maze of bacteria

W200×H200 mm Copper, Stainless steel


1,H310×W130×D130   2,H310×W130×D130  3,H250×W150×D150 4,H230×W140×D140 Copper,Iron powder

Memory from the past Ⅱ

H235×W140×D140 mm Copper

Heaps on heaps

H850×W1600×D2800 mm Iron

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